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Morph Hospitality Group, established in 2016, is the team behind the popular Chauhan Ale & Masala House in Nashville, Tennessee.

Founding partners include Chef Maneet Chauhan, Chauhan’s husband and Chief Executive Officer Vivek Deora, Chief Financial Officer Kevin Woods and Managing Partner Arjun Meherish. 




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Meaning ‘to explore’ in Cantonese, Tansuo serves as an exploration of contemporary Chinese cuisine reminiscent of China's night markets and traditional street fare. The menu is full of delicious dishes using humble ingredients yet presented in an extraordinary way. From dim sum cart service for Sunday brunch and Monday dinner to special nights like Wok & Wonton Wednesdays, Tansuo offers an experience like no other in Nashville.

121B 12th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37203


Chauhan Ale & Masala House is devoted to creating a unique dining experience in Nashville, Tennessee’s bustling food scene. Co-owner and Executive Chef Maneet Chauhan’s Indian roots, zest for travel and affection for Southern cuisine have beautifully collided to offer a menu featuring globally influenced Indian cuisine that highlights aspects of the culinary scene not only in Mumbai or New Delhi, but Nashville as well, perfectly combining Indian fare with traditional Southern dishes. 

123 12th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37203


The Mockingbird is an elevated, modern diner drawing inspiration from that of a classic diner, offering comfort foods creatively executed with a global spin. While the restaurant remains casual and relaxed, reminiscent of an American diner, the dishes are carefully crafted and artfully presented. At the helm is acclaimed culinary duo Brian Riggenbach and Mikey Corona as Partner/Executive Chef and Partner/General Manager respectively.

121A 12th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37203


Chaatable is the most recent concept from Morph Hospitality. As alluded to in the name, the cuisine centers around “chaat,” a flavorful category of Indian street food that means “to lick." The restaurant evokes the feeling of stepping into an Indian bazaar at its finest…a bright, sensory overload filled with delicious smells, vibrant colors, and bold textures. Chaatable is a nostalgic creation from husband and wife duo, Morph CEO Vivek Deora and Executive Chef Maneet Chauhan, inspired by the couple’s favorite sights, sounds and flavors found across their home country of India.

4001 Charlotte Avenue Nashville, TN 37209


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